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Iconic 1950's Rock and Roll style studded leather jacket, patch work on the back, and liner with access zipper. TON UP MENS JACKET - BLACK

The definitive symbol of rocker subculture, the studded leather jacket is perhaps more iconic, even, than the famed Triton custom motorcycle. And as if out of a time capsule, this jacket is not a faithful reproduction, but rather a perpetuation of the original leathers worn by the Ton Up Boys - whose name comes from their notorious penchant for speed, routinely “doing the ton,” terrorizing London’s public roads by riding their motorbikes in excess of 100mph. Because stock is never good enough, the liner features an access zipper to facilitate adding your own patches, pins and studs to make your Ace Cafe Ton Up Jacket a true one-off original.

Once vilified by the media and scorned by the prevailing moral winds of the time, these “Coffee Bar Cowboys” are now romanticized for their cultural significance and remembered fondly for their unbridled enthusiasm for life, rock and roll, and, of course, speed.

Our Price: $449.95
Full length zipper hidden behind a double-breasted, and Naval Pea Coat-inspired outer button closure. HAMMERSMITH MENS JACKET - BLACK

Named after an old London neighborhood notorious for “Ton Up” shenanigans, the Ace Cafe Hammersmith Leather Jacket is truly one of a kind, marrying traditional styling cues with road-ready leather construction and modern motorcycle riding amenities. With a full length zipper hidden behind a double-breasted, and Naval Pea Coat-inspired outer button closure, this jacket combines the class of a straight-zip European leather jacket with the swagger of a sailor.

Enough talk, put the hammer down and let's ride!

Our Price: $479.95
Straight zipper crowned with a tidy Mandarin collar and snap closure, Smooth, quilted and diamond stitched leather panels, detail piping and linework, vented, Add optional armor (sold separately). BOX HILL MENS JACKET - BLACK

Box Hill is home of the historic Ryka’s Cafe and Car Park, a little off the beaten path - further out of London than the world-famous Ace Cafe - but is unilaterally regarded as one of the best riding destinations in England. Not only is it a magnificent vantage to take in the scenery (both natural and of the 2 wheeled variety), but its location just off the A24 between Dorking and Leatherhead makes Box Hill a hub to what has been called a “scratcher’s heaven” with some of the best twisties and most breathtaking views in the greater London area.

The Ace Cafe Box Hill Leather Jacket forgoes the traditional asymmetrical zipper and wide-open lapels in favor of a straight zipper crowned with a tidy Mandarin collar and snap closure, resulting in a cleaner, more updated aesthetic. Smooth, quilted and diamond stitched leather panels are pieced together masterfully with detail piping and linework in all the right places to obscure the venting and achieve a cohesive and natural look. Add optional armor (sold separately) and put the Box Hill Leather Jacket through the paces, or leave the bike at home and grab a few pints; it looks right at home in either setting.

Our Price: $549.95